Being A Reach Ambassador

In our treasure house of gifts, our Ambassadors are gems in the true sense of the word!

Reach depends on folks like you to help communicate to our community that Reach Unlimited is providing much needed comprehensive programs and services for folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities right here in the greater Houston northwest area! The Ambassador’s voice is heard in the community and their words are authentic. Ambassadors have seen the homes where Reach clients live, they have observed Reach clients learning  in the classroom and they know about Reach clients’ presence in the community workforce.

Reach Ambassadors believe in the Reach mission and inviting people they know to “come and see” is the best way to introduce Reach to others.

Being a Reach Ambassador involves:

  • Attending a Reach Out Tour
  • Saying “Yes” to bringing 10 people to learn about Reach at a Reach Out Tour.
  • Encouraging them to become Ambassadors
  • Hosting a table at the annual Reach For The Stars Event

Rewards of being a Reach Ambassador:

  • Success of bringing the Reach mission to the community
  • Proudly wearing the Reach People Pin when you have reached your goal.
  • Making a difference for Reach and your community!


For more information on being a Reach Ambassador, please email or call Maria Anderson at 281-712-6124 or