Reach Unlimited is dedicated to providing quality support services
for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Fundraising Luncheon · Oct. 1, 2021

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Coronavirus Health Precautions

As we look to see what other precautionary steps we can take to maintain health of clients and staff, the following steps have been implemented:

  • Cease volunteer activities in homes, LAC, and administrative offices.
  • Eliminate community outings from LAC including job training in the community.
  • Eliminate community outings from Group Homes
  • Implement procedure where individuals from group homes are picked up at door (versus family members/friends coming into home)
  • Implement procedure where individuals being picked up from LAC pick up individuals from front door (versus families walking around LAC)
  • All staff/clients who have traveled out of the country will partake in two week self- quarantine prior to coming back to work.
  • Reach Unlimited tours will be suspended.

While I know this will constitute some extra actions from each of us, your health and safety along with the clients is a priority.