Reach Unlimited is certified as an ICF/IDD provider by the Texas Health and Human Services (HHS). The ICF/IDD program provides residential and individualized skills & socialization (ISS) services to people with intellectual disabilities or a related condition.

This is a Medicaid waiver program authorized under Section 1915(c) of Title XIX of the Social Security Act. Reach Unlimited has six ICF/IDD group homes in northwest Harris County.

Individualized Services

Each member participates in a personalized training program to increase their ability to live as independently as possible. Members living in Reach’s group homes have 24-hour supervision, assistance with daily activities by qualified Reach staff, Individualized Skills & Socialization (ISS) at the Learning Activity Center, and/or have a job in the community.


Reach group home members are offered a variety of planned activities, outings and special events. Constructive leisure activities are always available in each of the homes. Many Reach members are regular participants in the Special Olympics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like living in an ICF Group Home at Reach?
Members will live with 5 to 8 other individuals in the home, where they can work cooperatively with house mates to create an environment that they can thrive in and learn new skills.

What do members do for fun?
Reach has a Learning Activity Center that offers an array of fun activities and learning experiences. The Group Home has a full activity calendar and regularly schedules fun outing to participate in with house mates.

Do members learn any life skills to become more independent?
At Reach, members will have their own individual program plan to learn helpful activities like laundering their clothes, setting the dining room table, cleaning around the home, and meal preparation. With staff support, Reach encourages members to learn new skills and perform tasks independently.

What if a member is interested in a job?
Reach has a supported employment program that can assist a member in developing goals and finding a job that is a perfect fit for their desire and skills.

Can a member visit their family?
Yes! Members are allowed one extended pass of 13 consecutive days. Members can also go on 3-day passes, which are unlimited. A member’s family can also visit them in the home.

How much does it cost?
Once an individual becomes Medicaid eligible, the program is provided at no cost to them.

What is the food like?
Members have a dietary plan developed by a dietician to ensure that they are receiving meals that address their unique health needs. In this, Reach offers a menu of healthy and balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For enrollment in ICF/IDD programs at Reach, please contact Tom Goodin at or (281) 213-2582 ext. 38.