Ambassadors believe in Reach’s mission and commit to share their passion by inviting people to learn more via tours, events, and hosting a table at the Reach for the Stars annual event.

Reach knows that the best voice to speak to new people about the programs, events, and members here is a familiar one. Ambassadors are a critical piece of extending our reach in the community, spreading the word about Reach’s work to their friends, neighbors, church, clubs, and community networks. As passionate volunteers, Ambassadors are knowledgeable about operations and can share their passion authentically.

Being a Reach Ambassador involves:

  • Ambassadors agree to spread the word about Reach’s work to provide services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout their community.
  • Ambassadors commit to bring a total of 10 people to Reach Out Tour or other signature/sponsored event throughout the year. These 10 people can be spread out over the course of a year.
  • Ambassadors are asked to host a table (ideally filled with their previous guests) for the annual Reach for the Stars event.

Rewards of being a Reach Ambassador:

  • Success of bringing the Reach mission to the community.
  • Proudly wearing the Reach Pin when you have reached your goal.
  • Making a difference for Reach and your community!

For more information on becoming a Reach Ambassador, please contact: Michael O’Donahue at