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The Enterprise Program at the Learning Activity Center provides in-house opportunities for members to earn a paycheck. Reach members, many of whom are unable to work in the community, gain a sense of purpose and self-worth while being creative and having fun.

Fused glass & embossed napkins

The primary focus of the Reach Enterprise Program is fused glass. In studio, guided by caring instructors and volunteers, member artisans create everything from sparkling sun-catchers to tableware to tabletops in beautiful, glowing colors. Reach has five kilns used to fuse and slump glass, reaching almost 1500°.  Reach members also carefully custom emboss napkins in a multitude of colors and foil with several font choices at extremely reasonable prices, making any celebration more personal and festive.

Greenhouse & Microgreens

The Enterprise Program also includes a teaching greenhouse. Members are involved in numerous greenhouse tasks like planting, vegetative propagation, moving and spacing plants, cutting back overgrown plants, attaching labels, watering, and more. Reach members learn from skilled gardeners and work alongside a volunteer crew to grow a vast array of ornamental herb, vegetable, and succulent plants. Many of the herbs and vegetables are given to  partner organizations, like Cy-Fair Women's Club's Community Garden, and Reach's group homes, while the succulents and ornamentals are crafted into decorative pots and centerpieces for sale.


Reach sells Enterprise glass creations in the on-site gift shop, at craft shows and at carefully selected local shops, and its plants at the on-site greenhouse. All proceeds go directly back into the Enterprise Program – to pay the members a minimum wage plus buy supplies. The vast majority of supplies are generously donated.