Jonathan H.Remember the exhilaration you felt when you earned your first paycheck? Our Reach clients feel the same way.
The Enterprise program at the Reach Learning Activity Center provides in-house opportunities for clients to earn that paycheck.  These clients, many of whom are unable to work in the outside community, gain a sense of purpose and self-worth while being creative and having fun.

Fused Glass

The primary focus of the Reach Enterprise Program is fused glass. In our studio, guided by caring instructors and volunteers, client artisans create everything from sparkling sun-catchers to tableware to tabletops in beautiful glowing colors. We have 5 kilns that we use to fuse and slump our glass at temperatures reaching almost 1500°. Learn more at www.reachunlimitedglass.org

Reach clients also carefully custom emboss colorful napkins to make any celebration more personal and festive. We offer a multitude of napkin and foil colors and several font choices.  Our prices are extremely reasonable. We sell our products in our on-site Reach Unlimited Gift Shop, at craft shows, and at carefully selected shops.  All proceeds go directly back into the Enterprise program—to pay the clients and staff and buy supplies.

Special Orders

Reach clients create an ever-changing variety of beautiful fused glass products.  We come up with new designs seasonally, following design trends, and at the whim of the consumer, staff and client-artisans.  We can also customize almost any item so that it will blend with your décor, and we encourage you to challenge us to make new and unique items.  We also regularly create large custom and corporate orders.  Please contact Erin McAnulty at emcanulty@reachunlimited.org or 281.730.2411 to discuss your needs.