Supported Employment

Everyone wins when a client at Reach successfully trains for and takes a new job – the client, the employer, the family and the community.  Clients experience all the wonderful benefits of having a job. The employer knows that Reach will go the extra mile to make sure the experience is positive for both the employer and the employee. The parents and families are delighted to see the satisfaction their family member gets from working. The community wins because these people with developmental disabilities are not only doing jobs that enhance our neighborhood but they are also earning wages and paying taxes reducing the burden on you and me for their care and livelihood.

Contract Work

Our highly motivated workforce of over 250 people with developmental disabilities prides itself in delivering what the customer wants. You can rely on Reach to help you keep your schedules and your customers satisfied, time and time again. Contract work is performed at our Learning Activity Center at 11832 Mueller Cemetery Road located at HWY 290 and Telge Road. Spacious work areas and easy access make the Center a perfect place for companies and institutions to bring contract work.

Businesses, schools and other enterprises can trust Reach to deliver services on-time and on-budget. Whether it is scheduled production or unplanned orders, count on us to have the flexibility to fit your contract into our work flow.

By giving our clients contract work you are giving each of them an opportunity to utilize their abilities.

Print and mail or FAX Project Inquiry Form. Call Donna Bond at 281-213-8323 ext 216 or email

Employers of Reach Clients

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  • Courtyard by Marriot
  • Fiesta
  • Food Town
  • Gulf Coast Candy
  • HEB
  • Hilton Garden Inn


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  • Klein
  • Kroger
  • On Our Own Services, Inc.
  • Sports Mark USA
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Whataburger