To find out who are your representatives, go to or search online for “who represents me.”  

Address your legislators as “Dear Honorable _____________.”  

Your letters should be one page, with date on top and full signature on bottom. Your full mailing address must be on the letter as they throw envelopes away. The body of the letter can be the same for both legislators.

Make your letter your personal story. A picture of your son or daughter or a note from them can be included. State that you and your child are their constituents. Your child or charge is receiving Medicaid services for their intellectual and developmental disabilities such as mental retardation and autism Tell them they have the power to help: Shorten waiting lists for services – my daughter/son was/is on waiting list for services for ______ years. Keep Medicaid rates ahead of minimum wage so the instructors at the Reach Learning Activity Center get paid a livable wage. This will reduce staff turnover and provide stability for my special needs adult son/daughter. Ensure funding to cover administrative costs – gas and transportation, electrical, building maintenance – for programs like the Reach Learning Activity Center.

Please come on a tour of the Reach Learning Activity Center so you: Can be informed about the issues many of your constituents face – 3% of the population is directly affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities. They can see first hand how state funds are helping the Reach Learning Activity Center help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities be as self-sufficient as possible while living productive lives in the community Include a tour date card and tell them you will call them in a couple of weeks to schedule a tour.  We are happy to schedule a tour at a time that works for them.

Remember – the PURPOSE of the letter is to get them to a tour. Be PATIENT and respectful – our legislators are busy people. Be PERSISTENT – keep calling and writing until they either come on a tour themselves or send someone from their staff. See below for sample letters.