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Support Reach

At Reach, we believe our members deserve a safe and healthy place to Live, Learn, and Earn. As a Medicaid funded organization, community support is necessary to provide an enriching and meaningful life for our special individuals.


Reach is tasked with bridging the gap in funding between the state Medicaid allocation and the actual costs of services for members.


Reach's events are fun, heartfelt, and inspiring opportunities to connect with mission and members.


Reach's Corporate Sponsorship forms a positive relationship that aligns a business' resources to mission, underwriting programs, spaces, and events.


Reach's volunteers enrich members' lives through meaningful interactions and assistance, board service, and becoming Ambassadors.


Reach's members, group homes, and programs regularly need various items throughout the year.


Reach sells unique glass creations in the on-site gift shop and custom plants at the on-site greenhouse.