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Operational Donations

Operational donations to Reach Unlimited, Inc. help to bridge the gap in the funding between the state Medicaid programs and the actual cost of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. That gap is $3,000/year/full time Learning Activity Center (LAC) client or $400,000. Donations aid in maintaining a staff to client ratio of 1:5 at the LAC and 1:3 in our group homes. The LAC ratio is 2-3 times greater than most day programs. Operational donations also assist in maintaining the 22 group homes and 30 vehicles.

With this support, Reach is able to carry out its mission of providing quality support services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Friends of Reach Giving Society

By making a commitment as small as $83.33 per month for five years, Friends of Reach help ensure long range sustainable funds.

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Other Ways to Donate to Reach Unlimited

There are lots of ways supporters help Reach Unlimited achieve the mission of helping clients Live, Learn, and Earn successfully each year.

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